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Our Mission is to provide the finest artisanal cannabis.

Our promise

All of our cannabis is small batch, sun-grown in Mendocino, Humboldt and Trinity counties in Northern California -the area known as the Emerald Triangle. 

Our cannabis is grown by cultivators who are dedicated to producing the finest high quality cannabis.

Our cultivators grow their cannabis using sustainable and regenerative processes.


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Our Team

Justin Calvino

Justin is a fierce advocate for small-batch, Artisanal, sun-grown cannabis and its cultivators.

Justin owns two farms in Mendocino County and has been a cultivator of premium cannabis for over 10 years.

In addition to founding Green Goat Estates, Justin has founded The Appellations Project and The Emerald Exchange all of which serve to further his mission.

Justin has been interviewed by The Wall Street Journal and other publications regarding preserving and supporting artisanal cannabis and its cultivators.

He serves on the Board of Directors of The California Growers Association. He is a sought after speaker at industry events such as The State of Cannabis.

Virginia Sampson

Virginia is an attorney . She graduated from  Loyola Law school in Los Angeles. She has been involved in advising businesses and helping them with their legal issues since 1982. Her mission is to help businesses succeed and grow. She has joined Justin to do just that for Green Goat Estates.

About Us

Mendocino Legacy Cannabis

The  Emerald Triangle - Mendocino, Trinity and Humboldt counties -has been the epicenter of premium cannabis since the 60s.  The mountainous terrain permits only small, family run farms. 


This the epicenter of the  artisan  cannabis cultivators who pride themselves on crafting a unique and exemplary product while engaging in regenerative cannabis farming, giving back to the land, using minimal water and building healthy soil. 

Mendocino County is giving  cannabis like this a label that tells its story: how it was grown and where it comes from just like fine wine.  


It is all about terrior - the environmental conditions, especially soil and climate, in which cannabis is  grown and that give a strain of cannabis its unique flavor and properties: the high quality of the region's terroir. Also called goût de ter.

So as the nearby wine country would produce a Cabernet, grown by a specific vineyard in the Alexander Valley Region of Sonoma County, Green Goat Estates will  give you a cannabis flower with a similar distinction.

Green Goat Estates will  showcase and promote this already highly renowned product of the state’s famed “Emerald Triangle” .

Green Goat Estates is dedicated to providing you  with premium, artisanal, craft cannabis produced by small family  farms which honor and support the environment.

Let Green Goat Estates provide you with artisanal, craft cannabis from the part of the world that produces the most amazing cannabis and has for over 50 years.

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